Auto Tags


Auto Tags

Bentley’s Business Services, a PennDOT authorized On-line Tag and Title Center, provides our customers with a variety of Titling and Registration Services.


Title Transfers In State

Sale Between Private Parties


- Original PA title
- Valid Photo ID (valid PA driver's license or PA Photo ID card)

- Valid Photo ID (valid PA driver's license or PA Photo ID card) 
- Proof of Insurance (must be current and match driver license address) 
- Purchase price & mileage 
- Registration information if license Plate is being transferred from a qualified party


New PA resident

- Original title 
- Proof of ID (valid PA driver's license with current address) 
- Proof of Insurance (must be current and match driver's license address) 
- Vehicle in order to verify VIN (or a VIN tracing)


Leased or Financed Vehicles

The following information is required to add a lessor or lienholder:

Name of financial institution, account number, VIN number, fax number for the title department of the financial institution, your name and phone number. We will complete a form to request your title. Once we receive your title – usually 2 weeks, we will call you to come in to complete the transfer.

For new PA residents, if the vehicle is less than 6 months old, you will need to provide a notarized statement from the dealer indicating sales tax was paid to the previous state. If sales tax paid to previous state is less than 6%, the difference will be added to your to total state fees.

Gifted out of state vehicle: we require proof that sales tax was paid when the vehicle was purchased by the last owner (itemized bill of sale from dealer).


Registration Services

·         Renewal

·         Reissue of Plate, Sticker, or Registration Card

·         Change of Address